AlertMePro is TeamCity Notification plugin which allows you to receive notifications from your TeamCity Server to Skype™.

1. Install AlertMePro Notfication plugin to your TeamCity Server

1.1. Download the last version of the plugin.
1.2. Copy archive to the Plugin’s folder to Teamcity Data Directory. Example: C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\TeamCity\plugins
1.3. Restart TeamCity Server

2. Get Skype Client Id and Password

You should create a personal Skype Bot to get notifications from TeamCity to Skype using service AlertMePro. Don’t worry it’s really simple.

2.1. Register or sign in to deverloper’s portal

2.2. Press the button Add an app and enter name of your new personal Skype Bot


2.3. Enter the name field in the next Registration page and press the button Generate New Password. Save Application Id(it’s will be your personal Skype Bot Client Id) and Generated Password(it’s will be your personal Skype Bot Client Id) any you want. Then press the button Save on this page.


2.4. Open Microsoft Bot Framework and sign on the page in using your Microsoft account.

2.5. Press the button Register a bot and fill all required fields. Microsoft App Id is Application ID in step 2.3. Don’t worry about Privacy statement and Terms of Use . You can use any you want url. Then press the button Register. Lets allow your bot send messages to group chats.

Note: Messaging endpoint field must be

2.6. Press link Edit like in screenshot.


2.7. Then configure settings like in screenshot.


2.8. Add your Personal Skype Bot to your Account List and Group Chats.

2.9. Now you can start using your Skype Bot with AlertMePro Notification Plugin in TeamCity.

3. Configure AlertMePro Notfication plugin

3.1. Open AlertMePro main settings page. Follow the link http(s)://YOUR_TEAMCITY_WEB_UI/admin/admin.html?item=AlertMe-Notifier
3.2. Enter API Server parameter
3.3. Enter API Key If you have already purchased the Subscription. If you want to get a trial version of the plugin left this field blank.
3.4. Enter Skype Bot Client Id and Skype Bot Client Password. (Step 2.3)


4. Configure TeamCity Notifications

4.1. Open your profile and follow the Notification rules tab. http(s)://YOUR_TEAMCITY_WEB_UI/profile.html
4.2. Open AlertMe-Notifier tab
4.3. Enter your Skype ID. This can be your Skype account or Skype Group Chat Conversation.


5. Receive messages to Group Chats

You should find Skype Group Chat Conversation to start receive messages from TeamCity to Skype Group Chats. It’s very simple and you can use 2 methods(5.1 or 5.2).

5.1. Using Personal Bot. Your bot will sent email for you. Add your Skype Bot to Group Chat. Then write direct message to your Bot @mySkypeBotName chatid

Example: @alertmeTest chatid

5.2. Using AlertMePro Bot. Add your AlertMeProd Skype Bot to Group Chat. Then write command @AlertMePro – TeamCity Bot chatid

Example: @AlertMePro - TeamCity Bot chatid